Friday, July 20, 2012

Mountain State University (WVa) Faces Loss of Accreditation

The Journal, Martinsburg, WV, reports that Mountain State University is suspending enrollment of new students for fall.  The institution is facing possible loss of accreditation and is planning an appeal to a recent decision of the Higher Learning Commission.
Founded as Beckley College in 1933, the name changed to the College of West Virginia in 1991 when baccalaureate degrees were first offered.  The name changed again in 2001 to Mountain State University.

Update...The University of Charleston (UC) announced August 1, 2012 that it is cooperating with Mountain State University (MSU) as its primary partner in the teach-out of current MSU students and that the two colleges have agreed to negotiate a separate agreement under which UC could establish four-year private college centers in Beckley and Martinsburg by the end of the year.