Sunday, November 22, 2015

College Closures since 2009...

I have been updating a file on Google Sheets for College Closures & Mergers since 2009.  You can access the file by clicking on College Closures & Mergers since 2009 in the index at the right of any College History Garden page.  

The file opens with an initial "Summary" tab.  You can then find more details on each institution in the "since 2009 not for profit" and "since 2009 for profit" tabs.  This extra information includes:  IPEDS id, Carnegie Basic classification, accrediting agency, and sector for the respective institutions.
I receive questions from time to time about the numbers of mergers and also have a tab where mergers and acquisitions are tracked.  Additionally there are tabs with charts reflecting the underlying data from the respective sheets.  
Let me know if you have any suggestions and questions or note that I made a mistake or missed something!!

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