Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hiram Scott College (NE)

A web site devoted to the memory of Hiram Scott College offers a history of the institution and other items.  The institution was founded in Scottsbluff, NE and operated from 1965-1971.  Founders hoped to model the institution after Parsons College in Fairfield IA, where president, Dr. Millard G. Roberts was promoting a network of institutions that was to include John F. Kennedy College in Wahoo, NE, and John J. Pershing College in Beatrice, NE, Lea College, Alberta, MN, College of Artesia, NM, and Midwestern College, Denison, IA.  Dr. Anthony Marinaccio as the first president of Hiram Scott and chief organizer and set out to establish the new college. 

James Koerner's The Parsons College Bubble, published in 1970, provides a history of Millard G. Roberts and his ideas for Parsons College and the other institutions.