Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jones College in Jacksonville, FL announces it will be Closing

Tessa Duvall reports for The Florida Times-Union that "Jones College closing after 99 years in Jacksonville."  Duvall indicates that the institution has submitted a teachout plan for existing students.

The institution was founded in 1918 as Mrs. Jones School.  It was known as Jones Business College in the 1940s.  The name was changed to Jones College after 1963. Jones operated schools in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Fort Lauderdale as well as Atlanta, Memphis and Charlotte, N.C. by the late 1970s as the Jones College System. However, by 2005 the primary campuses were located in Jacksonville and Miami.

Jones was a proprietary institution initially but operated as a non-profit after 1947 when it received a state charter as a degree granting institution.

Duvall's article includes a timeline of key dates in the Jones College history.

If you are interested in recent trends for closures, access College Closures since 2009 in the index at the right of any College History Garden page.  There are separate tabs for non-profit and for-profit closures.  Each tab includes basic information for each institution, i.e., Carnegie Classification, sector, accrediting agency, and the IPEDS unitid.