Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Writing its History: The University of Pennsylvania

The PennCurrent website features a post by Greg Johnson, "For the Record: A Pennsylvania Album," that provides interesting information about A Pennsylvania Album that was originally published in 1990 as part of the celebration of the University of Pennsylvania's 250th anniversary.

The book includes ten essays written by undergraduate students that provide insight into institutional history and student life from 1740.  History professor Richard Slator Dunn and director of the university archives Mark Frazier Lloyd served as editors.

The University Archives and Records Center offers .pdfs of the book through their web pages.

by Richard Slator Dunn and Mark Frazier Lloyd
Rites of Passage: Student Traditions and Class Fights
by Andrew K. Becker and Michelle A. Woodson
The Quadrangle
by Elizabeth A. Linck
Blacks at Penn, Then and Now
by Marvin P. Lyon, Jr.
Women at Penn in the 1950s
by Lisa M. Silverman