Saturday, April 16, 2016

Photos of Morris Brown Campus highlight role of Historically Black Colleges

Jordan G. Teicher's article in Slate this week, "What a Historically Black College Looks Like After Bankruptcy," features photos of the Morris Brown College campus taken by Andrew Feiler. The article follows the release in October of Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color: The Past, Present, and Future of One Historically Black College, a book of photos and essays on the college and the important role historically black colleges and universities play in our society.
Teicher comments that "Feiler doesn’t see his photos just as a grim comment on the health of American education. He points to the fact that Morris Brown has paid off its debt and applied for re-accreditation as a sign that one day a portrait of the campus could look a lot sunnier than it does now.
“What has happened at Morris Brown College is a tragedy,” he said. “But there’s also hope. Morris Brown remains alive, and that is an accomplishment. One of themes that emerged from this work is that leadership matters. It was, in part, a failure of leadership that led to Morris Brown’s downward spiral and crisis. But the story of the college’s survival and emergence from bankruptcy is one of leadership success.”
You can also see an earlier post, "A New Day Dawns for Morris Brown College," on College History Garden from early 2015 when Morris Brown emerged from bankruptcy.