Wednesday, February 24, 2016

St. Paul's College publishes an updated history as part of 90th Anniversary

St. Paul’s College: Facing the New Millennium (2015, 448 pages) has been published to honor the 90th anniversary of the institution.  The press release includes contact information for ordering copies of the book.

The University of Manitoba was founded in 1877 as a federation of three denominational colleges: St. Boniface (Catholic), St. John's (Anglican), and Manitoba (Presbyterian).  In 1888 Wesley College (Methodist) became affiliated and St. Paul's was affiliated on October 27th, 1931.  St. Paul's was previously founded in 1926 by the Oblate Fathers as the first English Catholic High School in Manitoba. 

An earlier history of St. Paul's written by Gerald Friesen is also still available, St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba: Memories and Histories (1999)