Friday, January 25, 2013

Wisconsin Business University

A Brief History of the Wisconsin Business University, La Crosse, Wisconsin is available as a .pdf file.  The author, Richard Rogers, completed the paper for a history seminar course.  Rogers reviewed newspaper archives, institutional publications, surveyed alumni, and interviewed alumni, instructors, and a graddaughter of the founder.  The institution was founded by Frank J. Toland and operated from 1892-1941.  

The Toland family operated institutions in a number of towns across the upper Midwest, including:  Fairmont, Mankato, and Winona in Minnesota, Mason City, Oelwein, and Spencer in Iowa, and both Eau Claire and La Crosse in Wisconsin.
The Murphy Library of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers a digitized version of a 1902 prospectus for Toland's Business Universities.  The 80 page document includes many photographs of former students with information on their positions in businesses.  The prospectus also offers information on teaching methods and courses of study.