Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saint Paul's College (VA) #1

Karin Kapsidelis reports in the Richmond Times-Dispatch that Saint Paul's College in Lawrenceville, VA suspended classes this fall pending the outcome of an appeal to an accreditation decision.

The archives of the Episcopal Church USA offers images and links to resources for St. Paul’s Normal and Industrial School (Lawrenceville, VA), St. Augustine’s Normal School and Collegiate Institute (Raleigh, NC), and Bishop Payne Divinity School (Petersburg, VA).  Fort Valley High and Industrial School (Fort Valley, GA) and then Voorhees School and Junior College (Denmark, SC) joined the American Church Institute for Negroes (ACIN) as schools receiving the largest percentage of available funds.  The ACIN was founded in 1906 to coordinate support for institutions in the southern United States that were dedicated to the education of African Americans.  The ACIN was renamed the American Church Institute in 1961.  Fort Valley’s transfer to the State of Georgia in 1939 (though ACIN continued its support to the school) and the closing of Bishop Payne in 1949 left the core institutions of St. Paul’s, St. Augustine’s, and Voorhees as the only schools affiliated with ACI when the organization dissolved in 1967.