Sunday, December 16, 2007

Central Normal College

Central Normal College was initially founded in Ladoga, Indiana by J.W. Darst and W.F. Harper. Two years later an academy building owned by Methodist Episcopal Church in Danville was purchased. Frank P. Adams became president in 1878 and served until his death in 1882. His wife, Ora A. Adams, succeeded him as president. In 1885 Charles A. Hargrove became president. Enrollment peaked at 1,308 students in 1921-22. The institution later became Canterbury College prior to closing. 
The local Hendricks County Museum maintains a collection of items from the college and a history of the institution is available through the Friends of Hendricks County Museum. The Indiana Historical Bureau has a picture at the dedication of a historical marker for Central Normal College. Or, follow this link to the text and images of the historical marker.

The blog, Midwest Guest, featured an entry that highlighted Central Normal College.