Sunday, January 27, 2019

Fine Arts Center at Colorado College Begins 100th Anniversary Celebration

The Colorado Springs Independent published a couple of articles this past week highlighting the history of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College and several anniversary exhibits prepared to showcase its dynamic history in the community. 

Founded as the Broadmoor Art Academy in 1919, the institution became the Fine Arts Center in 1936 and then entered into an alliance with Colorado College in 2017.

Alissa Smith provides a nice historic sketch in "Fine Arts Center looks to the future as it celebrates its past," and "Anniversary exhibits showcase dynamic history of Fine Arts Center," offers details on planned anniversary activities. One particular exhibit, "The Broadmoor Art Academy and Its Legacy, 1919-1970," will premiere in the mid-October and will explore how the artists that studied and worked in the area influenced each other and how that influence spread throughout the country.

You can also visit the 100th anniversary web page of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College for event details, a timeline, and more historical photographs or other resources. 

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