Tuesday, September 12, 2017

History of the University of Westminster: University Press offers four Titles

The University of Westminster Press offers four books as part of their History of University of Westminster Series.  Each book is available free of charge in .pdf format on the press website or copies of the books can also be ordered.

The story of the (now restored) Regent Street Cinema. This multi-authored volume tells its history from architectural, educational, legal and cinematic perspectives and is richly illustrated throughout with images from the University of Westminster archive.

The story of the Polytechnic and of the legacy of Quintin Hogg. A fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Hogg, his holistic approach to education and the institute he created. This book is richly illustrated with images from the University's Archive.

The story of sporting communities and individuals at the University of Westminster over 150 years including its role as a pioneer of women's sports. Drawing upon the University's extensive archives this richly illustrated book celebrates its unique, ground-breaking sports heritage.

The Royal Polytechnic Institution's story is the first episode in the long, diverse history of the University of Westminster. Drawing on an extensive range of primary and secondary sources this book explores the Institution's reputation for visual spectacle and the popularization of science. It is lavishly illustrated with contemporary images.
The University of Westminster was initially founded in 1838 in London at 309 Regent Street and was known as the Polytechnic Institution.  The name changed in 1841 to The Royal Polytechnic Institution under patronage of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.
The institution became publicly funded in 1891 and the name changed to Regent Street Polytechnic.  The name changed again to Polytechnic of Central London in 1970 following merger with the Holborn College of Law, Languages and Commerce.  University status was achieved in 1992 and the name was changed to the University of Westminster.  The university currently enrolls 22,000 students on four campuses in Cavendish, Harrow, Marylebone and Regent.