Saturday, June 24, 2017

Agnes McClung, Important Figure in History of Mary Baldwin University

The Staunton, VA News Leader published an interesting article, "Forgotten Folks: Agnes McClung, Mary Baldwin's friend, was crucial to school's survival," written by Charles Culbertson.  McClung was appointed co-principal of Augusta Female Seminary in 1863 along with Mary Julia Baldwin.  

McClung and Baldwin took control of an institution that had been founded twenty years earlier in 1842.  Culbertson provides a number of historic details and describes how the two women turned around the fortunes of a struggling school during the Civil War and in the years that followed.

McClung passed away in 1880 and Baldwin continued to lead the seminary.  It was renamed Mary Baldwin Seminary in 1895 and Baldwin passed away two years later in 1897.  The institution's name was changed to Mary Baldwin College in 1923 and to Mary Baldwin University in 2016.