Friday, February 3, 2017

Saint Joseph's College in Rennselaer, IN will be Suspending Operations

Update: published "St. Joseph's alumni come out swinging," on March 21, 2017 with coverage by Al Hamnik of alums meeting and raising money in support of the college.

Update:  JConline published "Saint Joseph's considers plan to salvage programs," with reporting by Meghan Holden on February 28, 2017.  Holden indicates that majors in business education, education, and biology with eight faculty members might be a possibility.


Saint Joseph’s College in Indiana has decided to temporarily close its Rensselaer campus starting in May. The trustees are planning at this time to continue operating a nursing program in Lafayette.  The institution's web site includes a FAQ with information that is currently available.
Saint Joseph's has been struggling financially for a while and the institution's president, Robert Pastoor was sent a letter in late January, 2017 indicating that $20 million was needed for the school to remain open.

You can find a couple of articles in the regional media from earlier today
Saint Joseph's College was opened in 1891.  It operated briefly as a minor seminary from 1925-1931.  Collegiate programs were added again and a full baccalaureate program was operating by the end of the decade.  A second campus was opened in Calumet, IN after 1951 and evolved to become what is now Calumet College of Saint Joseph.