Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Mountain College Still Offers Important Lessons...

David Byrne offered a fascinating post this week on his blog, "A Society in Miniature," that relays information about Black Mountain College and some of reasons for continuing interest in a school. While Black Mountain College opened in 1933 and closed in the late 1950s, Byrne argues that there are a number of things we might still learn and that the educational approach at BMC could still be powerful in society today.

For those interested in reading more, there are a number of posts on the College History Garden that you can find by entering Black Mountain College in the site search space on the right side of this page.

You can also visit the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center web site and like the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center page on Facebook.  The Facebook feed is a particularly easy way to follow along as links are posted to publications or resources related to BMC.  I also enjoy learning about gallery shows and presentations in Asheville, even though I do not live in the area and may never be able to attend.