Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Higher Ed and Methodism: post clarifies distinctions among institutions

Chris Gehrz has an interesting post on The Pietist Schoolman blog by guest blogger Aaron Morrison of Nebraska Wesleyan University.  Morrison's post, "Church-Affiliated Higher Ed in the Methodist Tradition," explores some of the differences among institutions affiliated with the United Methodists Church, The Wesleyan Church, and the Free Methodist Church.

There are also a number of other resources available for those interested in reading more about Methodist institutions.  To Give the Key of Knowledge: United Methodists and Education, 1784-1976 is available as a .pdf through ERIC and includes a wealth of information.  The College History Garden post has a table that tracks changes in the numbers of institutions using data from the book.
Though it is a bit older with a publication date of 1932, I also enjoy re-reading The Liberal Arts College: Based upon Surveys of Thirty-Five Colleges Related to the Methodist Episcopal Church from time to time.  The contributors provide an amazing amount of details in their survey of some key Methodist institutions operating in the early 1900's.