Tuesday, November 24, 2015

History of Lake Forest College

I just finished reading 30 Miles North: A History of Lake Forest College, Its Town, and Its City of Chicago and recommend it highly.  Franz Schulze, Rosemary Cowler, and Arthur H. Miller are the authors and it was published in 2000.  The book covers the history of the college and the community of Lake Forest, IL beginning in 1855 and includes a large number of photographs.  While the narrative highlights important transitions, the authors successfully place campus activities within the broader context of changes taking place in the community, Chicago, and across the country. 
The Archives and Special Collections page on the campus web site also includes links to a wide variety of other resources.
You can also access a .pdf of the Lake Forest College Historic Preservation Master Plan created with funding through the Getty Foundation Campus Heritage Grant program.  The document is located on the Society for College and University Planning web site.