Friday, July 24, 2015

Reporter Receives Award for Reporting on Closure of Virginia Intermont College

David McGee of the Bristol Herald Courier recently received a first-place award from the Tennessee Press Association in the Best Education Reporting category for his writing in April and May of 2014 as it became apparent that Virginia Intermont College would close.

Reading through McGee's articles and those of his other colleagues at the newspaper provides those of us who are outsiders with a sense of the emotional toll paid by all the various constituents of this struggling institution.  The situation at Virginia Intermont was certainly complex and the struggles were very difficult over many years, yet McGee does a masterful job of sharing the story with the broader community.  The commitment of the Herald Courier and their reporters to this story provides a valuable service! 

A partial list follows with McGee's articles below with the titles linked back to the web site.