Thursday, January 30, 2014

Westbrook Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute (ME)

The Maine Memory Network includes a collection of images featuring Westbrook Seminary.  Founded by Universalists, the institution was initially located in Westbrook, ME (1831-1870).  It later moved for a time to Deering, ME (1871-1898) and Portland, ME (1899-  ) where it merged with University of New England in 1996 under the Westbrook charter.

The Westbrook College History Collection of the University of New England documents and preserves the history of Westbrook Seminary (1831-1925), Westbrook Seminary and Junior College (1925-1933), Westbrook Junior College (1933-1970), Westbrook College (1970-1996), and now the Westbrook College campus.  There are links to many interesting resources, including a Powerpoint file commemorating the 175th anniversary, and a timeline