Sunday, September 29, 2013

Millersburg Female College, KY

Methodist minister John Miller founded the Millersburg Male and Female Seminary in 1852.  Several years later, George Savage reorganized the institution as the Millersburg Male and Female Collegiate Institute.  In 1858, the Kentucky Methodist Conference assumed control of the institution and established Kentucky Wesleyan College for men and a separate school known as the Millersburg Female College.  Kentucky Wesleyan later moved to Winchester, KY in 1890 and later, in 1951, to Owensboro, KY.

The 1887 Catalogue of the Millersburg Female College, Millersburg,KY is available through the Kentucky State Historical Society digital collection.  The document includes names of faculty and students, alumnae from 1857-1887, and descriptions of the various courses of study.