Monday, March 4, 2013

Columbia Christian College & Cascade College (OR) #2

Two very interesting histories of Columbia Christian College and Cascade College in Portland, OR are available on the web site of Oklahoma Christian University as .pdf files.

The first, Navigating the Mighty Columbia, Columbia Christian College: A Comprehensive History, A Collaborative Work of Love, was written by Bonnie Miller and covers the period from 1944 through the closure of the initial institution.  Dr. Gary Tandy authored the second, The Northwest Corner of Heaven, A History of Cascade College 1994-2009 and focuses on the period when Oklahoma Christian University supported Cascade College as a branch campus.

I enjoyed the writing of both authors and felt they successfully communicated the amazing stories of the many people who came together in various ways to do the improbable and create a college...twice.  While each attempt came up short, both Miller and Tandy certainly capture the shared sense of purpose and convey the emotional commitments that combined to change the lives of all involved.

An earlier College History Garden post includes links to a couple of newspaper articles that cover the institution's financial issues and the sale of the property after closure.