Friday, January 11, 2013

Private Academies with ties to Vanderbilt University

The Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University offers an interesting special digital exhibit featuring 32 private preparatory academies.  The academies served a critical role during Vanderbilt's early years.  While most ultimately closed, five are still operating.  A map and timeline are also available.

A chronological list of schools is provided by founding date and each is linked to a separate page with a brief historical sketch, usually accompanied by one or more photographs:
   McTyeire School, 1867-1931
   Montgomery Bell Academy, 1867
   Webb School, 1870
   Tennessee Military Institute, 1874-1988
   Pleasant Hill Academy, 1884-1947
   Morgan School, 1885-1950
   Wallace School, 1886-1941
   Battle Ground Academy, 1889
   McFerrin School, 1890-1924
   Howard Institute, 1890-1917
   Branham & Hughes Military Academy, 1892-1932
   Cedar Hill Institute, 1892-[1908]
   Memphis University School, 1893-1936, refounded 1955
   Cumberland City Academy, 1893-1921
   Brandon Training School, 1896-1918
   Bowen School, 1897-1919
   Fitzgerald & Clarke Military Academy, 1899-1921
   Robert B. Jones School, 1900-1914
   Castle Heights Military Academy, 1902-1986
   Massey Military School, 1903-1925
   Ruskin Cave College Preparatory School, 1904-1918
   Hawkins School, 1904-1926
   Columbia Military Academy, 1905-1979
   McCallie School, 1905
   Peoples-Tucker School, 1908-1925
   Baxter Seminary, 1908
   Duncan School, 1908-1952
   Tate School, 1908-1933
   Price-Webb School, 1913-1925
   University School of Nashville, 1915
   Cumberland Mountain School, 1921-1938
   Brentwood Academy, 1969