Sunday, November 18, 2012

College Organization and Administration

College Organization and Administration, a book written by Floyd Reeves and John Russell, is based upon surveys of colleges affiliated with the Disciples of Christ.  The book was published by the Board of Education for the Disciples in 1929 and is a fascinating look into campus life during early years of the 20th century.

Reeves and Russell provide a picture of thirty institutions that included enrollment trends, governance, administrative organization, physical plant, library, curricular offerings, faculty, student personnel, institutional finance, and religious influences. The narrative along with an extensive array of charts combine to make this a valuable resource for anyone interested in liberal arts colleges during this important period of societal and academic change.

While most of the institutions still operate, several have closed. A list of the institutions included in the study follows:

Four Year Colleges & Universities

  • Bethany College, Bethany, WV
  • Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
  • Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO
  • Drake University, Des Moines, IA
  • Eureka College, Eureka, IL
  • Hiram College, Hiram, OH
  • Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA
  • Phillips University, Enid, OK [closed in 1998]
  • Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
  • Transylvania College, Lexington, KY [now Transylvania University]
  • Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, NC [name change to Barton College in 1990]
  • California Christian College, Los Angeles, CA [relocated to Orange County, now Chapman University]
  • Cotner College, Lincoln, NE [closed in 1933]
  • Spokane University, Spokane, WA [closed in 1933]
Junior Colleges
  • Christian College, Columbia, MO [Columbia College after 1970, now offering baccaleaureate & graduate degrees]
  • William Woods University, Fulton, MO [now offering baccaleaureate & graduate degrees]
  • Carr-Burdette College, Sherman, TX [closed in 1929]
  • Missouri Christian College, Camden Point, MO [closed during Great Depression]
  • Randolph College, Cisco, TX [closed in 1937]
  • Hamilton College, Lexington, KY [closed in 1932]
Affiliated Institutions
  • Bible College of Missouri, Columbia, MO [now the Missouri School of Religion located in Jefferson City, MO]
  • Disciples Divinity House, Chicago, IL
  • Drury School of the Bible, Springfield, MO [renamed Drury School of Religion, later becoming Department of Religion for Drury College, now Drury University]
  • Illinois Disciples Foundation, Champaign, IL
  • Indiana School of Religion, Bloomington, IN [closed in 1970]
  • Kansas Christian Foundation, Topeka, KS
  • Nebraska Disciples Foundation, Lincoln, NE
  • Oklahoma Christian Foundation, Oklahoma City, OK
  • The College of the Bible, Lexington, KY [name change to Lexington Theological Seminary in 1965]
  • University School of Religion, Tuscaloosa, AL