Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Change can be hard...particularly when it involves a name

A number of institutions have changed names in recent years.  Many of the name changes are causes for celebration as the The Hartford Business Journal reported for the University of Saint Joseph (West Hartford, CT).  

However, it apparently isn't always so easy.  There have been an unusual flurry of articles in recent days indicating that changing institutional names is often a more difficult process.  

Christopher O'Donnell reports for the Miami Herald-Tribune on problems facing the president of the State College of Florida.  O'Donnell reports that community members are still angry over the president's handling of a 2008 change in name from Manatee Community College.


And an investigative report by Shaun Sutner of the Worcester News Telegram found that despite initial promises of minimal cost, the tab for a name change and related marketing campaign at Worcester State University may reach $600,000.

A group of Georgia students have started a petition campaign for consideration of other options for the name of the institution that will result from the announced merger of Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State College.

Houston Chronicle article reports on a marketing campaign at UTHealth to address concerns that a 2010 name change from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center hasn't been as effective as people might have hoped.

Changing names can also be a difficult process in other countries...extensive opposition has erupted in Nigeria at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), one of Nigeria's most prestigious universities, protesting a decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to rename the university after deceased politician, Moshood Kashimawo Abiola.

Finally, the BBC reports that in the United Kingdom, hundreds of people have signed petitions protesting the Royal Agricultural College's proposed change to become the Royal Agricultural University.