Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jones' Commercial College (St. Louis, MO)

The 1854 Circular and Catalogue of Jones' Commercial College in St. Louis, MO is available through Google Books.  The institution was incorporated in 1849 and offered instruction in bookkeeping, commercial law, commercial calculations, and penmanship.  A particular emphasis in the publication is placed on the preparation of bookkeepers for the steamboat industry.

The tuition is listed as $30 for a full program with an additional charge for night pupils of $1 to cover the cost of gas for lighting.

Enrollments are provided for a five year period:

       Year # of Book-keeping Students
1849 163
1850 191
1851 216
1852 250
1853 258

The names and origin of students enrolled in 1852 are also provided and a summary is copied below:

St. Louis 75%
Outstate MO 10%
Illinois 7%
Iowa 2%
Kentucky 1%
Louisiana 1%
Massachusetts 0.4%
Mississippi 0.4%
Montana 0.4%
New York 0.4%
Ohio 1%
Tennessee 1%
Wisconsin 1%