Saturday, January 15, 2011

Defunct Black Medical Schools

"The Forgotten History of Defunct Black Medical Schools in the 19th and 20th Centuries and the Impact of the Flexner Report" from Earl H. Harley's presentation at the Hinton-Gladney Lecture before the Otolaryngology Section of the National Medical Association, Dallas, TX, August 6,2006 is available from the Journal of the National Medical Association, VOL. 98, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER 2006.
A list of the defunct institutions mentioned follows:
1. Lincoln University, 1870-1874, Oxford, PA
2. Straight University Medical Department, 1873-1874, New Orleans, LA
3. Leonard Medical School Shaw University, 1882-1918, Raleigh, NC
4. New Orleans University Medical College(Flint Medical College), 1889-1911, New Orleans, LA
5. Louisville National Medical College, 1888-1912, Louisville, KY
6. Hannibal Medical College, 1889-1896, Memphis, TN
7. Knoxville College Medical Department, 1895-1900, Knoxville, TN
8. Knoxville Medical College, 1900-1910, Knoxville, TN
9. State University Medical Department, 1899-1903, Louisville, KY
10. Chattanooga National Medical College, 1899-1904, Chattanooga, TN
11. University of West Tennessee College of Physician and Surgeons, 1900-1923, Jackson, TN; 1900-1907,
Memphis, TN; 1907-1923
12. Medico-Chirurgical and Theological College of Christ's Institution, 1900-1908?, Baltimore, MD