Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dixie State College of Utah

An article on the website by Steve Johnson announces a book by Dr. Douglas D. Alder, a former president and professor emeritus at Dixie State College in Utah. The book covers the survival and growth of the institution from when it began with LDS Church sponsorship in 1911. Control then shifted to the Utah Board of Education from 1935-1969 and then to the Utah State Board of Regents after 1969.
The article indicates that A Century of Dixie State College of Utah is available for purchase at the Dixie State College Bookstore, the Dixie State Store, the DSC Alumni Office, Christensen’s, Deseret Book and Little Professor Book Center. It can also be purchased online at Dixie State Bookstore. For more information, contact Randy Judd at (435) 652-7641.