Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cokesbury College

The Cokesbury College site is listed as a National Register property on the South Carolina Department of Archives and History web site. The page includes links to photographs and to the complete text of the nomination form.

Text from the page follows, "The Masonic Female College of South Carolina, an effective though brief experiment in education for young women (1853-1874), represented ideas that were rather advanced for the times. This institution is said to have furthered the charm, character and influence of the town. From 1876-1918, Cokesbury Conference School was celebrated for the high caliber of its education—first operated as a school for boys, co-educational from 1882, and a public school from 1918 to 1954, when the property reverted to the Methodist Conference. The village of Cokesbury was laid out in 1824 and is one of South Carolina’s earliest planned communities."